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From:Martijn Tonies Date:February 4 2005 9:59am
Subject:Re: ms sql server to mysql migration
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>     The platform we are working is Mysql 4.1.8 version
> and Windows XP os.
>     In ms sql server the space used and free space
> available for each database is obtained through
> 'sp_spaceused'procedure( built in ).
>     Primary memory used by ms sql server and related
> services like query browser is obtained by
> "sysprocesses" table.It gives primary memory used in
> terms of pages in cache.
>     The cpu used by ms sql server is obtained through
> "spt_monitor" table.
> similarly my friends who are working on oracle
> obtained  all the above values from system tables for
> oracle.
> so both of them that is those working on ms sql server
> and oracle could use them directly in java programs.
>      Are there any system tables in mysql that give
> info. about the above issues.If so please suggest
> them.

This gives you the current processes:
show full processlist

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