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From:sirisha gnvg Date:February 4 2005 6:36am
Subject:ms sql server to mysql migration
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    The platform we are working is Mysql 4.1.8 version
and Windows XP os.

    In ms sql server the space used and free space
available for each database is obtained through
'sp_spaceused'procedure( built in ).
    Primary memory used by ms sql server and related
services like query browser is obtained by
"sysprocesses" table.It gives primary memory used in
terms of pages in cache.

    The cpu used by ms sql server is obtained through 
"spt_monitor" table.

similarly my friends who are working on oracle
obtained  all the above values from system tables for
so both of them that is those working on ms sql server
and oracle could use them directly in java programs.

     Are there any system tables in mysql that give
info. about the above issues.If so please suggest

     If not please suggest us a way to get info. about
above issues so that we can use them in our java

      Thanks in advance.

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