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From:Soumyadeep nandi Date:January 29 2005 5:25pm
Subject:libmysql10 missing for fedora core 3 x86_64
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Hi All,

We are using Fedora core 3 x86_64 with Intel Xeon
EM64T. We have also installed MySQL-4.1 with Intel
x86_64 RPMs form and upgraded php to
php-4.3.10-3.2 with RPM.
The problem which we encountered then, is connecting
mysql from php. From the archives we could trace that
the solution is to 
1) install php-mysql, 
2) make changes in php.ini file and
3) restart httpd. 
Likewise, we downloaded
php-mysql-4.3.10-3.2.x86_64.rpm, but we were unable to
install, as file libmysql10 was missing. Unfortunatly,
we couldn't find any such file for Fedora, whereas, we
  could find the same for mandrake
(libmysql10-3.23.56-1.4mdk.x86_64.rpm) which after
installation we could install php-mysql from the RPMs.
Now we can connect mysql through php with out any
Could anyone tell me if there is any such file for
Fedora core 3 x86_64.
Moreover, MySQL for x86 release there is
MySQL-shared-compat RPM to take care of all these
dependencies which is missing in x86_64 RPMs.


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libmysql10 missing for fedora core 3 x86_64Soumyadeep nandi29 Jan