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From:elizabeth baker Date:January 24 2005 6:05pm
Subject:Re: Embedding MySQL in application, probably developed in C#
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Ian, thanks for your post.

This is all new territory for me. Doesn't a web-based app imply a 
server? Are you proposing to incorporate the server functionality on the 
CD? If so, does this HTTrack do this for you or does something like 
Apache have such utilities? If we develop this app for the web initially 
with the intention of burning it on CD's to be run locally from a 
browser, where would server functionality come from? Or am i missing 
something entirely here?

Obviously, i have downloaded pages from the web before and accessed them 
locally from my hard drive, but there was no need to search or engage in 
other db or app-related functionality in relationship to the pages. Our 
db data would be read-only, but users will still want search capability, 
ability to create and print reports, etc.


Ian Gibbons wrote:

>On 19 Jan 2005 at 21:28, elizabeth baker wrote:
>>We are building an application for myths of the world. It started out in 
>>Access, but when we decided to distribute it via CD to attendees at an 
>>art retrospective (about myths of the world), we began looking for an 
>>alternative db, since not everyone has Access on their computer. There 
>>will be no charge for the retrospective or the application CD. The 
>>application will eventually be web-based and available on the internet.
>>MySQL was recommended to us, as was developing in C#. i have read that 
>>MySQL can be embedded in applications. Is this an advisable route for 
>>us? to develop and C# and embed MySQL in the application?
>>i'm somewhat at a loss as how to proceed, and time is running out. Any 
>>help/advice is greatly appreciated.
>Hi Elizabeth,
>I understand from you email that you have no personal preference to the database / 
>language you write this application, only that you have been recommended MySQL 
>and C#.
>Therefore I would recommend you ignore the CD for now (bare with me!) and go 
>ahead and write your web application with whatever DB and language you feel 
>comfortable with.  All though I recommend you stay away from MS Access for a web 
>based database as there all sorts of problems with locking / updating.
>When you have completed your website you can then use a mirroring tool to create 
>a copy of the website ( for windows I recommend HTTrack ).  You can then 
>distribute this copy as a CD based website.
>This also has the advantage of working on any platform that has a web browser and 
>a CD drive.

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