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From:Gerald Clark Date:November 5 1999 2:03pm
Subject:Re: Alter table with UNIQUE INDEX
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Vivek Khera wrote:

> >>>>> "JT" == Jeff Thies <cyberjeff@stripped> writes:
> JT>   I've got a table with duplicate entries, I'd like to alter the table
> JT> so that I have a unique index (and then use REPLACE INTO).
> JT>   What happens to my rows that have the same value that are now in a
> JT> unique index???
> When you alter your table to have the unique index, it will complain
> and then refuse to generate said index.  That is, you need to
> alter/delete those rows before the index will be created.  That said,
> running the alter table command to add the index helps find those
> rows.

alter table tablename IGNORE add UNIQUE  indexname

will keep the first record for the index record created.  The others will be
disposed of.

see  section 7.7 of the manual.

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