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From:Curtis Maurand Date:January 14 2005 3:31pm
Subject:Re: Generic graphing tool?
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There are several PHP scripts that develop graphs.  You'll have do some 
work to feed the data to them, but I found them at: Programs/Graphs_and_Charts/


Jim wrote:

> Jason Martin wrote:
>> Does anyone know of a web-based tool that will let you graph
>> arbitrary data out of of MySQL? I'm thinking of something that
>> lets you define a select statement, some graph options and
>> produce a graph.
> I'm afraid I'm not aware of anything as simple to use as you describe, 
> but you could build one without TOO MUCH pain using CharDirector (a 
> free version is available from and your 
> scripting language of choice. I prefer PHP or Perl, myself.
> Jim

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