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From:Daniel Dammann Date:January 13 2005 1:06am
Subject:primary key performance
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I have a pretty standard database schema here with the primary key prod_id
being my most often used join column in select queries. Categories, rankings
.. just about anything having to do with products uses prod_id in a join,
and user access on these queries is pretty heavy.

I wonder whether the performance of a select join depends on the length of
that column. Given that it is a primary key I have indexing on it, and all
other rules apply, but is there a difference in performance (CPU) between:

- 100000 products in both cases. One time the column is a MediumInt, the
other time a BigInt. I know there is a difference in disk space usage, but
is there also one in performance at all ?

- 100000 products in both cases. One table has its prod_id span from exactly
1 to 100000, the other one uses any random values between 1 and ... ahh lets
say 884570294. Any performance issue ?

Curious about what you guys have to say, anyway ...

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