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From:Robert M (Bob) Bartis Date:January 12 2005 2:52am
Subject:RE: Importing data from MS Access
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Its my understanding you need InnoDB table types, but I do not know of the single foreign
key per table. I have a DB with multiple foreign keys per table and its seems to work


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Subject: Importing data from MS Access

I use MySQL-Front 2.5 (freeware) for importing data from MSAccess databaase
in MySQL 4.1.7.

Of course, there is no possibility to import "foreign keys" from MSAccess.

Question: If I read properly documentation in MYSql is possible to use only
one "foreing key" per table, and fields with foreign key must be on ordered
on the same way in booth tables, and only in InnoDB type of tables.

I have tables with many foreign key connectons (e.g. members / streets,
members/occupations, members/state of membership) between tables, and it was
easier way to keep data in database in proper order with less programing. Is
that is not possible in MYSQL?

Of course, I am very new in MYSQL.

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