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From:Christopher R. Jones Date:November 5 1999 12:03am
Subject:Re: Importing a file from FileMaker
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If you have the original FileMaker table, you can export as tab deliminated
file.  We transfer FileMaker tables to our MySQL WEB application regularily
and there have been no problems using tab deliminated files.

>Greetins all,
>I understand MySQL has been tested with FileMaker.  However,
>I am still having some problems getting MySQL to properly 
>recognize the EOL character.  The file exported from FileMaker
>is comma-delimited, enclosed by '"' characters, and has that
>filthy '^M' at the end of every line.  
>Here's the command I've been using...
> mysqlimport -# -d --lines-terminated-by "\\n" --fields-terminated-by=, 
>--fields-enclosed-by "\"" -u cstorm -p -h ns mtcodb temp_tech.csv       
>The file contains 3700 records, but only 1850 show up... exactly half.
>What seems to be happening is MySQL reads past the EOL, and then after
>finising reading the next line, THEN it advances to the next record.
>The last field of the resultant entry in MySQL includes the first few
>characters of what should be in the next record.
>I've tried --lines-terminated-by "\^M" also, but this doesn't seem
>to work either.
>I have RTFM, and all the FAQs and mailing lists archives, but it
>seems impossible to use ListQuest's search engine to find entries
>on the mischevious '^M' character.
>Does anyone have any suggestions?
>Thanks in advance,
>Chad A. Storm
>System Administrator
>MTCO Communications
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