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From:Sean Date:January 10 2005 9:38pm
Subject:clerification of documentation on InnoDB locking.
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This statement is confusing.

 "If you do not have indexes suitable for your query and MySQL has to scan the whole table
to process the query, every row of the table will become locked"

  Is it saying that all at once at the beginning of the table scan a lock is places on the
entire table or is this saying that a lock for each record that the query is on as it
scans the table will be moved through the entire table as it scans.
 If it is a rolling lock then no big deal other clients can access pages of the table that
are not currently being scanned. If it is a table lock then no one gets any records till
the scan is done much the same as MyIsam

  Sean Mathews Nu Tech CTO

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