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From:Jay J Date:November 4 1999 11:53pm
Subject:Re: Importing a file from FileMaker
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From: Jeremy A Horland <jhorland@stripped>
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Sent: Thursday, November 04, 1999 5:30 PM
Subject: Re: Importing a file from FileMaker

> Well, if you;'re onna mac, you need to change all of your LF's from Mac LF
> to either DosLF or Unix LF's. This can be done quickly and easily under
> document options in BBEdit, or using any on of many tools found at
> <-- A survivor of Filemaker.... will never return.
> Jeremy
> >Greetins all,
> >
> >I understand MySQL has been tested with FileMaker.  However,
> >I am still having some problems getting MySQL to properly
> >recognize the EOL character.  The file exported from FileMaker
> >is comma-delimited, enclosed by '"' characters, and has that
> >filthy '^M' at the end of every line.
> >
> >Here's the command I've been using...
> > mysqlimport -# -d --lines-terminated-by "\\n" --fields-terminated-by=,
> >--fields-enclosed-by "\"" -u cstorm -p -h ns mtcodb temp_tech.csv

How about this:

<save file to*nix box>
cat temp_tech.csv | perl -e "while (<>) { s/\r+//g; print; }" >

It looks to me like you were asking for --lines-terminated-by

Didn't you mean \n ?

Thirdly, from a quick check of the manual it would appear MySQL understands
all the usual escape sequences, like \r, so why not terminate on '\r' or
'\r\n' .. whatever the case may be.

Uhh, fourthly, rhetorically, is FileMaker really deficient of any options
when exporting? Yikes.

-Jay J

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