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From:Fred Read Date:April 13 1999 3:55pm
Subject:Re: Query Help
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Jay Miller wrote:
> I am trapped in Way-Too-Slow-Query land and am looking for help.
> I am hoping that the proper application of indexes and querying techniques
> can speed this operation up.  I have two different searches like this I am
> supposed to do today.

In the short term, would RLIKE help?

    "select ... from ... where name RLIKE '[0]*name@realm' ...;"

In the long term I would do several things;

 1. Clean the data BEFORE it gets into the table [ie: strip the LZs].
 2. Restructure the database to split the name into two halves:
    eg: "name" [the bit before the @] and domain [the bit after it].

Hope this helps...

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