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From:Gleb Paharenko Date:January 5 2005 8:50am
Subject:Re: Trouble w/ mysqldump
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> The actual tables are there 

I assume that 'there' is a dump file. One more question, can you
select the Avatars data using SQL queries? For example:
  SELECT 'Avatar_field' from 'avatar_table' limit 1;
Does your application work after upgrade?

Hurrican19@stripped wrote:
> Thanks for the reply.
> My original install was w/ an RPM from the Redhat Network, I uninstalled all RPM's
> associated w/ MySQL, Apache, and PHP and downloaded the latest of everything and compiled
> it. After I did an updatedb on my box, I searched for "mysqldump" and "mysql" to confirm
> it was gone -- nothing was found.   
> ./mysqldump Ver 10.9 Distrib 4.1.8a, for redhat-linux-gnu (i686)
> The actual tables are there, but the images (or any attachments) are really messed
> up.  Looks like something from the 60's, lol.
> In a message dated 1/4/2005 9:36:01 AM Eastern Standard Time, Gleb Paharenko
> <gleb.paharenko@stripped> writes:
>>In what way have you upgraded? How do you dump the data? Is everything fine,
>>execept the database dump? As of MySQL 4.1, --opt command line option is on by 
>>default, so it can produce a smaller output. The definions of tables
>>which stores Avatars are also absent in dumps? May be you use mysqldump
>>from old 3.23 version?
>>Hurrican19@stripped wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>> I run a website, and am having a problem w/ corrupt databases..
>>> I was runnig MySQL v3.23 previously, and my db dumps worked fine .. However,
> I have since upgraded to v4.1.8a-log and I am having problems getting completed (or non
> corrupt) backups.. The problem is pretty big..
>>> My Original Backup of the DB using 3.23 was 208MB --- When I upgraded to 4.18
> the backup is only 138MB ... My users Avatar's, all attachments, etc are totally whacked
> out. Does anyone have any insight on what is causing this, and how to fix it? Any help is
> appreciated.. I need a new good backup desperately 

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