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From:Fredrick Bartlett Date:December 29 2004 4:07pm
Subject:Re: MySQL 5.0.2-alpha-nt highly instable?
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This bug was fixed and closed several weeks ago.  I guess because it only
affected win32 it isn't considered a real bug because it was never listed in
the documentation that it was fixed.

Yes you are right Win32 5.0.2 is completely unuseable. If it was a *nix
build we would have had a 5.0.2x a long time ago.

      Bug #6955 SHOW PROCEDURE STATUS crashes the server

Bugs fixed:

  a.. Fixed a bug which caused server crash if some error occurred during
filling of temporary table created for derived table or view handling. (Bug
  b.. Fixed a bug which caused server crash if query containing CONVERT_TZ()
function with constant arguments was prepared. (Bug #6849)
  c.. Prevent adding CREATE TABLE .. SELECT query to the binary log when the
insertion of new records partially failed. (Bug #6682)
  d.. Fixed a bug which caused a crash when only the slave I/O thread was
stopped and started. (Bug #6148)
  e.. Giving mysqld a SIGHUP caused it to crash.
  f.. Changed semantics of CREATE/ALTER/DROP DATABASE statements so that
replication of CREATE DATABASE is possible when using --binlog-do-db
and --binlog-ignore-db. (Bug #6391)
LOCK, transactional update, COMMIT, FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK could hang
the connection forever and possibly the MySQL server itself. This happened
for example when running the innobackup script several times. (Bug #6732)
  h.. mysqlbinlog did not print SET PSEUDO_THREAD_ID statements in front of
LOAD DATA INFILE statements inserting into temporary tables, thus causing
potential problems when rolling forward these statements after restoring a
backup. (Bug #6671)
  i.. InnoDB: Fixed a bug no error message for ALTER with InnoDB and
= x query to set auto increment value for a table.
  j.. Made the MySQL server accept executing SHOW CREATE DATABASE even if
the connection has an open transaction or locked tables; refusing it made
mysqldump --single-transaction sometimes fail to print a complete CREATE
DATABASE statement for some dumped databases. (Bug #7358)

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From: "Michael Kofler" <mysql@stripped>
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Sent: Wednesday, December 29, 2004 7:46 AM
Subject: RE: MySQL 5.0.2-alpha-nt highly instable?

> > Is it just me or is the current Alpha build of MySQL 5.0
> > HIGHLY instable?
> 5.0.2 on Windows is completely unusable for me too; crashes constantly
> the Linux version seems to be fine, at least in my tests
> Michael Kofler
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