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From:Ed Carp Date:April 13 1999 3:28pm
Subject:Re: Above-board and beyond reproach?
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> When you give performance statistics, is it fair or honest to compare an
> SQL database running on NT with one running on LINUX?
> (or indeed ANY UNIX)

With respect to Fred's comments, IMO it's not, because you are, in a real
sense, comparing apples to oranges.  One of the biggest problems with NT is
that it's got this huge, slow, clunky (but pretty) GUI not only bolted onto
the OS, but inextricably wedded to it.  The GUI has its massive tentacles
all through NT, so it's impossible to get rid of it, like you can with Linux
or other UNIX OS's.  So, whenever you do anything, you're not only running
the program itself, but also the GUI, which takes up a massive amount of
resources.  So, on equivalent hardware, a non-GUI OS is almost always going
to run rings around an OS with a GUI that you can't get rid of.  The only
real way to get around this (at least partially) is to take that pretty GUI
and shove it where it belongs - onto the display card firmware.  Why someone
hasn't done this years ago is beyond me.
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