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From:Dan Nelson Date:April 13 1999 3:27pm
Subject:Re: Query Help
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In the last episode (Apr 13), Jay Miller said:
> I am trapped in Way-Too-Slow-Query land and am looking for help.
> I have a table of user call information.  I need to extract one
> record from the table for each of a certain class of customer from a
> certain range of times.  So, for instance, all users whose name ends
> with '@realm', during the month of February.
> This is complicated by the fact that the names can have a variable
> number of leading 0's, so:
> 000123@realm
> 00123@realm
> 123@realm
> Are all the same name.

Can you strip these leading zeros out _before_ inserting into the
table, and/or split the username and realm into different fields?

What you might consider doing is breaking this information out into a
couple of other tables.  One would be a "realms" table:

realmname varchar(20) NOT NULL

and the other would be a "users" table:

username varchar(20) NOT NULL
realm int

users.realmid is a pointer back into the "realms" table.  Both tables
should have indexes on all fields.  So instead of inserting a username
into your call table, do a lookup into the "users" table, and insert
the userID instead.

If you want a list of all the calls from a particular person, 

select start_time, end_time
 from usertime, users, realms 
 where usertime.user=users.userid and users.realm=realms.realmid and
  users.username="myusername" and realms.realmname="";

If you want a count of calls per realm,

select realmname, count(*) from usertime,users,realms where
  usertime.user=users.userid and users.realm=realms.realmid group by
	-Dan Nelson
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