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From:Ware Adams Date:December 9 2004 3:38am
Subject:Re: Replication update bug/error/problem.
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On Dec 8, 2004, at 9:12 AM, Jay Ess wrote:

> I am not using cross database updates. It is all on one database but 
> the update uses two tables.
> The query "update content_review_site as a,site_rating_factors as b 
> set a.overall_rating = 77 where a.content_id=243" is a stripped down 
> version of a bigger but i stripped down to the point of failing. The 
> failing factor is when i use "content_review_site as 
> a,site_rating_factors as b" (not a cross database but a cross table 
> query).

I wonder if you're running into this bug

We saw it on 4.0.22 and Mac OS X.  MySQL has been able to reproduce it, 
but only on OS X, not Linux.  The query works on the master, makes it 
into the binlog but doesn't update and records on the slave (and 
doesn't cause replication failure).

When the query is run manually on the slave from the command line it 
works fine, the records are updated as on the master.  However cross 
table updates won't run on the slave under replication.

We had to downgrade to 4.0.21.

Good luck,
Ware Adams

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