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From:Jay Ess Date:December 8 2004 2:12pm
Subject:Re: Replication update bug/error/problem.
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Eric Bergen wrote:
> Jay,
>   Are you using the replicate-do-db option on the slave? This option
> relies on 'use' being set correctly when the query is issued. A quote
> from the manual explains it better than I can:
> "Tells the slave to restrict replication to statements where the
> default database (that is, the one selected by USE) is db_name. To
> specify more than one database, use this option multiple times, once
> for each database. Note that this will not replicate cross-database
> statements such as UPDATE some_db.some_table SET foo='bar' while
> having selected a different database or no database"
> URL:
> Other possibilities are to use show slave status; and show master
> status; to make sure queries are actually being sent from the master
> to the slave.

I am not using cross database updates. It is all on one database but the update 
uses two tables.
The query "update content_review_site as a,site_rating_factors as b set 
a.overall_rating = 77 where a.content_id=243" is a stripped down version of a 
bigger but i stripped down to the point of failing. The failing factor is when i 
use "content_review_site as a,site_rating_factors as b" (not a cross database 
but a cross table query).

And i am using replicate-do-table on both the tables in the query.

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