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From:Aaron Settles Date:December 6 2004 9:54pm
Subject:Problem using debug switch with mysqlimport
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I'm trying to utilize the debug switch with mysqlimport so that I can figure
out why I'm getting errors on the data I'm importing, but I have yet to
figure out a way to do this.  I've tried to read the sparse documentation
concerning this feature and no debug file is ever produced.  I've tried
using it as indicated by the mysqlimport --help documentation such as:

 /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqlimport --debug=d:t:o,mysql.dbg -u<user>
-p<password> --local <database> <import_file>

As well as many variations of this.  I've been unable to locate through
Google or anything else anyone who has successfully utilized this feature.
Does anyone out there have any input?



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