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From:Frederik Lindberg Date:November 3 1999 1:05am
Subject:Re: long overdue
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On Tue, Nov 02, 1999 at 01:15:00PM -0600, Michael L Smith wrote:
> I really don't think that the php list
> uses {PHP] because of a software issue, I think it's just because it makes it
> very convenient.
> I brought up this issue with HWG also but for some reason they
> are not wanting to do so.

FWIW - the PHP lists use the same software we do. I put the option of a
subject line prefix in the mailing list manager for the only reason it
is asked for: People are used to it. It works, but the whole idea is ugly.

You could in an earlier thread that was crossposted between the [PHP3] and the
[General] lists see how ugly it gets. It modifies a message in transit,
which violates E-mail stds, and it takes away valuable visible Subject
line space in most MUA. Since usually the votes are more or less 50:50,
it seems better to not do harm. IMHO, the PHP folks made the wrong decision.

There is a proposed standard, the 'List-ID' header. The advantage is that
it stays the same even when a list moves and it is guaranteed to be
globally (universally?;-) unique. The MySQL lists support this standard.
Sort mail into folders based on that header, and all mail from a given
list (and no other mail) will go to a given folder.
This includes admin messages.

Also, ask your MUA supplier to support rfc2369. With it, you get buttons,
[Follow-up] [New post] [help] [Subscribe] [Unsubscribe] whenever you
read a message from any MySQL list. Pegasus mail and sqwebmail support this.


-Sincerely, Fred

Fred Lindberg, Inf. Dis., WashU, St. Louis, MO, USA
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