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From:Vivek Khera Date:April 13 1999 2:05pm
Subject:Re: BSDI and threads patch?
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>>>>> "s" == sam1600  <sam1600@stripped> writes:

s> Hello,
s> My ISP reports that they use BSDI 3.1 but all my apps 
s> including php show BSDI 3.0.

If you type "uname -a" it will tell you if it is 3.0 or 3.1

s> If My ISP's OS is BSDI 3.0, is there a way to find
s> out if the patch is applied?

The "modlog" command on BSD/OS lists the applied patches.  Just pipe
it through grep for the patch in question.

s> And also what would be the problems that I would 
s> experience without 3.1 or the patch?  Is it serious?

Yes, it is serious.  Without it, mysql will lockup regularly.


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