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From:Sasha Pachev Date:November 18 2004 7:28pm
Subject:Re: 4.1.7 serious problems
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>> It can be even simpler than that, if you stay withing the same branch. 
>> Just replace mysqld and share/english/errmsg.sys ( or share/<your 
>> langauge>/errmsg.sys if you want them in your native language) with 
>> the files from the new version.
> This is for the source, binary or both?  Sorry to ask stupid questions, 
> but I do have read 3 MySQL books (including yours), and went through the 
> manual, and I've never really seen a section about updating MySQL.

It does not matter. mysqld is the only file in the server that really does the 
job - mysqld_safe is just a wrapper and if it does change from version to 
version at all, using the old version does not hurt. mysqld does need to see the 
error messages file on startup and the error messages file gets changed 
sometimes from version to version. mysqld does know how many error messages it 
is supposed to have, and will not start unless the error messages file has the 
expected number. Otherwise, if you are within the same version, mysqld will be 
able to deal with all the files from the old one.

> Hmmm, ok.  Do you think I should file a bug?

Lenz is already looking at it.

Sasha Pachev
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