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From:Mark Papadakis Date:November 17 2004 8:34pm
Subject:Re: Mysql 4.1 and the LIMIT sql statement
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I suppose they fixed it.
Relying on 'undocumented features' is a bad habbit. 

Update your code to exclude the LIMIT clause if you do not wish to use
it. Its the best thing ou can do.

Mark Papadakis

On Wed, 17 Nov 2004 12:21:31 -0800, Matt Babineau <matt@stripped> wrote:
> Hi all-
> Has anyone run into problems with this sql syntax?
> LIMIT -1
> I've used this extensively in my code to get back all records rather then
> specifing a limit. I've done this programmatically with PHP, so all my
> queries have a limit even if I don't need one, I just have it specify LIMIT
> -1, but apparently this functionality doesn't seem to work in 4.1???
> Thanks,
> Matt Babineau
> Web Developer
> Criticalcode -

Mark Papadakis
Head of R&D
Phaistos Networks, S.A
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