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From:Dan Nelson Date:November 17 2004 8:24pm
Subject:Re: Mysql 4.1 and the LIMIT sql statement
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In the last episode (Nov 17), Matt Babineau said:
> Has anyone run into problems with this sql syntax?
> LIMIT -1
> I've used this extensively in my code to get back all records rather then
> specifing a limit. I've done this programmatically with PHP, so all my
> queries have a limit even if I don't need one, I just have it specify LIMIT
> -1, but apparently this functionality doesn't seem to work in 4.1???

From :

 # LIMIT no longer accepts negative arguments. Use some large number
   (maximum 18446744073709551615) instead of -1.

not sure why it was changed, though.

	Dan Nelson
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