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From:Stuart Felenstein Date:November 17 2004 4:30pm
Subject:Limit error
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I'm trying to paginate my record results.  Running
into a sql syntax error that is boggling my limited
brain cells.

The print out of my statement as it is parsed:

This is before the error occurs, the first 15 records
return fine:
WHERE VendorJobs.Industry IN ('3') AND
VendorJobs.JobTitle LIKE '%%' AND
VendorJobs.LocationCity LIKE '%%' LIMIT 0, 15

I can't get a print, well maybe I can, but this is the
error that is coming back when I hit next:
Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server
version for the right syntax to use near 'LIMIT 15,
15' at line 6

I'll hold off on my statement for now if the error
isn't apparent.


Limit errorStuart Felenstein17 Nov
  • Re:[SOLVED] Limit errorStuart Felenstein17 Nov