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From:Daniel Kasak Date:November 17 2004 1:27am
Subject:Re: Access front end problem
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Titus wrote:

> We recently migrated a medioum sized genetic laboratory database
> from Access to MySQl.  Of course, for the time being, we are stuck
> with our Access front end, using Access linked tables to our MySQL
> backend.  Everything seems to be 'reasonalbly' okay after a month.
> However, we occasionally get a message from the front end that
> "This record has been changed by another user since you started
> editing it.  etc. etc."
> This occurs in a "Write Conflict" message box from Access.  We
> aren't having much luck running this problem down.  Can anyone
> shed some light on it and save us some time?
> Thanks for even -considering- this a MySQL problem.
> titus sends

Are you using MyISAM tables?
I've found that if we have a number of users ( 5 or more ) connected to 
the same table, we start to get these errors.

 From memory, MyISAM tables use *table* level locking. The idea here is 
that table-level locking is faster ( and simpler ) than row-level 
locking. When a user running MS Access goes to edit / add a record, they 
record a *record* lock. However MySQL locks the whole *table* and 
reports back to Access that it has a *record* lock. Now another user 
goes to edit / add a record, and you get your error message ( original 
post ).

Solution: Use InnoDB tables, which give row-level locking.

If it's any consolation, we get the same errors with SQL Server ( which 
is kinda strange considering SQL Server is supposed to do row-level 
locking ).

What I do is try MyISAM tables to start with, and as more people start 
to use the table ( and get the above error ), I convert them to InnoDB 
tables, and don't get any more problems.


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