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From:kalin mintchev Date:November 15 2004 8:52am
Subject:Re: syntax question..
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>> > Kalin,
>> >
>> > Kalin> thanks to all... yes, Rhino - i'm new. my first
>> > Kalin> post. the version is the problem indeed. it's
>> > Kalin> 4.0.13-standard. how would i achieve the same
>> > Kalin> query in this version?...
>> >
>> > You'll need to provide the following:
>> >
>> > (1) What is the result you want to achieve?
>> well:
>> this is what i wrote:
>> select from table1 as t1 where * from table2 as
>> t2
>> where t2.chain like "%carmike%");
>> i guess this will make more sense:
>> basically i'm looking for the data in - which is varchar - that
>> has a zip  value of the record(s)  that contain the name "carmike" in
>> their "chain" field in table2...
>> does this make sense?
> Not entirely. It sounds like you are saying that the zip value is in the
> column called 'data'. From your query, it appears that the zip code is in
> the column called 'zip'. I *think* you mean to say that for every row in
> table1 that contains a give the same zip code as the zip code of
> '%carmike%', you want to see some other information in the same row, which
> you are calling 'data' in your example.
> There are probably a few different ways to do this query. I'm going to
> suggest one possible approach but it is not necessarily the best one;
> others
> may come along later to suggest a better approach.
> I think you need to do something like this:
> select
> from table1 t1 inner join table2 t2 on =
> where t2.chain like '%carmike%';

i tried this one...  it seams to work. i'll read a bit more about joins ..
 thank you... appreciate it...

> You haven't provided full descriptions of the tables and their columns and
> I
> have no idea what the data in the tables actually is so I can't try this
> for
> you to be sure it works. However, it should be pretty close to what you
> need. Give it a try and let us know what error messages you get. If you
> don't get error messages but the result is incorrect, describe the result
> that you got and how it differed from the result you expected. Then we can
> probably help you figure out what went wrong.
> Rhino


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