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From:Ugo Bellavance Date:November 13 2004 4:11am
Subject:Re: 4.1.7 serious problems
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Sasha Pachev wrote:
>> I did compile it from source, with the flags used for the binaries, 
>> and now it does work.  I'm totally confused now.
>> Is it easy to upgrade from source?  With the binary, I could have two 
>> separate directories and I would symlink the one I tested (most recent 
>> version) and could get back to the earlier version by just re-creating 
>> my symlink...
> It can be even simpler than that, if you stay withing the same branch. 
> Just replace mysqld and share/english/errmsg.sys ( or share/<your 
> langauge>/errmsg.sys if you want them in your native language) with the 
> files from the new version.

This is for the source, binary or both?  Sorry to ask stupid questions, 
but I do have read 3 MySQL books (including yours), and went through the 
manual, and I've never really seen a section about updating MySQL.

>> And I'd really like to know what is wrong when I'm using the binary 
>> distribution.
> Most likely a mistake of some kind on the part of MySQL AB. A similar 
> problem has happened in the past.
> I hope somebody on the build team is listening.

Hmmm, ok.  Do you think I should file a bug?




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