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From:SGreen Date:November 12 2004 4:04pm
Subject:Re: ODBC connection
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The MySQL ODBC driver v3.51 acts as a pre-4.1 MySQL client. That means it 
does not use the new (v4.1+) password hashing.

 I would create a new user just for your ODBC connection.(Use a GRANT 
statement with all of the correct bells and whistles for your situation)

GRANT SELECT on *.* to 'remoteuser'@'%'

Then reset the password to the OLD hashing style

UPDATE  mysql.user set password=OLD_PASSWORD('plaintextpassword") where 


My example creates a pre-4.1 user account on your 4.1+ server for the user 
'remoteuser' with read-only rights to all databases on your server with 
permission to login from anywhere. Adjust it to suit your situation.

One other gotcha that I had to figure out on my own... I had to declare an 
initial database in my ODBC connection (DSN). Without it my connections 
kept failing (sorry but I don't remember the exact message) even when 
everything else was fine.

Shawn Green
Database Administrator
Unimin Corporation - Spruce Pine

"Ferguson, Michael" <ferguson@stripped> wrote on 11/12/2004 10:30:14 

> G'Day All,
> I am going nuts trying to setup ODBC to my MySQL database. Help Please.
> My workstation is WinXP Pro. I downloaded the MySQL ODBC 3.51, unzipped
> it and am trying to configure it to connect to the database on a RedHat
> ES box.
> In the Add Data Source Name my DSN is "closing" Description is "TCAM"
> server is "" local ip address for my server. I enter the
> user and password and I keep getting the failure"
> [MySQL][ODBC 3.51 Driver]Access denied for user
> 'root'@'' ( using password:YES)
> I am stuck. Help please. Thanks

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