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From:terry jones Date:April 13 1999 11:50am
Subject:Followup (with resolution) on my GNU/Linux threads problem
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After three days of head-scratching, I finally seem to have solved my
problem with SEGV and GNU/Linux threads.

My earlier report of having things under control was premature. Things
had looked better, but then I found out that basically everything was
still broken.

The thing I finally did to make everything work was to install the
very latest kernel. I was running 2.2.4, which is very recent, but I
switched to 2.2.5-ac6 (patches from yesterday) and everything simply
worked. (Note that the final step might just be one of possibly
several you'd need to take.)

Some lessons learned along the way:

  - dmalloc is very good:

  - smartGdb didn't seem to work at all for me in binary form
    and didn't build from sources:

  - Threads awareness for gdb, GNU/Linux, glibc is barely there. Some
    suggestions (apart from upgrading the kernel) from people to get
    gdb to deal with GNU/Linux threads properly were to put the
    following into ./.gdbinit:

      sharedlibrary libpthread
      handle SIGUSR1 nostop pass noprint
      handle SIGUSR2 nostop pass noprint

    I tried this with my 2.2.4 kernel, and it didn't work too well.
    With 2.2.5 apparently it works.

That's enough I guess. Sorry this is only partly MySQL related.
Thanks to those who lent me a hand along the way and gave me clear
signs that it wasn't my code. Heaven forbid.

Followup (with resolution) on my GNU/Linux threads problemterry jones13 Apr