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From:Russell E Glaue Date:November 10 2004 8:20pm
Subject:Re: replication: bin logs not transferred, load data gives error
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Just so it is known, repl_user, the replication account, has full access 
on the master database to do everything from any host '%'.

Here is my log output on server2:

041110  8:59:01  Slave SQL thread initialized, starting replication in 
log 'server1-bin.054' at position 3646268, relay log 
'./server2-relay-bin.002' position: 27198
041110  8:59:01  Slave I/O thread: connected to master 
'repl_user@server1:3307',  replication started in log 'server1-bin.054' 
at position 3646268
041110  9:01:46  Slave I/O thread killed while reading event
041110  9:01:46  Slave I/O thread exiting, read up to log 
'server1-bin.054', position 3647181
041110  9:01:46  Error reading relay log event: slave SQL thread was killed

The log output on server1 for the slave failure is the same

And on both servers, I believe this is the error in the logs when I 
	create_table_from_dump: failed in handler::net_read_dump()

Any help from any one?

Russell E Glaue wrote:
> I am setting up a master-master replication.
> I have the masters set up correctly (I guess), and they update their 
> position when changes occur. 'show slave status' and 'show master 
> status' both show the correct positions between each server.
> However. Although the slave position increments to match the position on 
> the master on both servers, the data is NOT getting updated. The 
> position continues to increment up and up, but nothing is changed.
> When I had successful replication in the past, I remeber the bin-logs 
> being transfered from the master to the slave for the updates. This is 
> currently NOT happenning on both servers.
> When I execute the 'LOAD DATA FROM MASTER' I ALWAYS get an error.
>     ERROR 1189: Net error reading from master
> And I get the same error on both servers.
> Now I know the replication configuration is correct, because when 
> changes occur on one server, the 'Read_Master_Log_Pos' changes on the 
> second server to match the first server. However, the data is NOT 
> getting updated.
> There is no firewall between the two machines.
> And we are running MySQL 4.0.20
> Is there a reason why the bin-logs are not being transferred?
> I suspect this is the reason why the data is not getting updated.
> And I suspect the error from 'LOAD DATA FROM MASTER' demonstrates the 
> problem I am having.
> What is wrong?
> Any help?
> -RG

replication: bin logs not transferred, load data gives errorRussell E Glaue10 Nov
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