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From:W. D. Date:November 8 2004 5:29am
Subject:Re: Completely remove MySQL?
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At 14:40 11/7/2004, Michael Stassen wrote:
>That's using a shotgun to kill a gnat.  

That's why I have large gaping holes in my walls.

>The IP used by phpmyadmin is set in 
>the file in the phpmyadmin directory.  Just edit this file to 
>change the old setting to the new value.  Problem solved.

Yes, it certainly is.  Thanks a bunch!

>Reinstalling mysql and php, on the other hand, will have no effect. 
>Reinstalling phpmyadmin may replace with default settings, 
>but you'd still have to edit it to have the correct settings, so you may as 
>well just edit the one you already have.
>W. D. wrote:
>> Hi Folks,
>> How does one completely remove MySQL from FreeBSD 4.9?
>> My router died, and upon replacement I switched to
>> static IP addresses on my local network.  Unfortunately,
>> When using phpMyAdmin to access a database, it
>> tries to access the database at the old IP.
>> I can easily recreate the database--as well easily
>> reinstall PHP, MySQL, and phpMyAdmin--but how do I
>> remove everything so that the old IP address is
>> not referenced?
>> By the way, where is this IP address being stored?
>> Thanks mucho for any light you can shed!

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