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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 13 1999 9:58am
Subject:Re: Crystal report with mysql?
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>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Schwarzl <abo@stripped> writes:

Paul> Xah Lee wrote:
>> Has any one used the database query application CrystalReport of Seagate?

Paul> Hi!

Paul> I use CrystalReports 4.6 (came with VB5) connected to mysql with odbc.

Paul> If you just connect Crystal via ODBC to mysql to have not to expect any
Paul> problems.

Paul> The only problem I got:
Paul> 	I was unable to start a report (from a VB6-app,data not saved within
Paul> report) til I filled out all the fields in the odbc-source.
Paul> The connect-proporty (filled in runtime: "dsn=a;db=b;uid=c;pwd=d;") from the
Paul> crystal-ocx doesent work with mysql for me. (like it does for other db´s).

Paul> 		I would like to know what I´m doing wrong!

Could you mail me a MyODBC and a ODBC trace of this ?

It would help a lot if you mailed a ODBC trace from some other
database that works.

Have you tried the "Don't prompt on connect" MyODBC connect option.  This
shouldn't be necessary, but may be used as a workaround!

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