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From:P.V.Anthony Date:November 6 2004 2:35am
Subject:connection problem with 4.1.7
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I am having an intermitten connection problem with MySQL 4.1.7 .

Here is the setup.

Intel P4 with HT
Fedora Core 1 kernel 2.4.27 smp
MySQL version 4.1.7 (RPM install from
Qmail with vpopmail using mysql (

Sometimes I cannot login to qmail to check mail. Using thunderbird or 
even webmail.

Only way to solve the problem is to restart MySQL. Then everything is 
ok. After maybe 2 hours the same problem again.

I am concluding that this is a MySQL problem because other apps that use 
  MySQL also shows problems.

qmail vpopmail is using socket and my cms (WebGUI) is using tcp to connect.

I have tried to check the logs at /var/lib/mysql. But do not see 
anything any error. I do see a warning like this,
041106  9:50:59 [Warning] Asked for 196608 thread stack, but got 126976

The strange thing is that I can still connect to MySQL using webmin.

Is there any other thing I can do to find out what is causing the 
problem? Maybe I have made some silly mistake.

Please advice and help.

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