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From:Rick Dwyer Date:November 5 2004 4:05pm
Subject:Re: ODBC Initial Setup Problems
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>On 5 Nov 2004 at 10:01, Rick Dwyer wrote:
>>  Hello All:
>>  I am trying to configure ODBC for MySQL but have been unable to make
>>  a connection.
>I have no experience of Mac OS X, but I believe it is linux-ish 
>which means case-
>sensetive path names.
>The line below shows library with a lower case L:
>>  We are running MySQL 4.0.15 supplied by Server Logistics on OS X 10.3.5.
>>  I have installed their ODBC Driver and 4 files show up in the
>>  library/MyODBC/Lib/ directory:
>    ^
Thanks Ian, but the capital L is just how I typed it in the email. 
The actual path is picked with a picker button so the case is set 

Thanks though.
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