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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 13 1999 11:37am
Subject:BSDI and threads patch?
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>>>>> "sam1600" == sam1600  <sam1600@stripped> writes:

sam1600> Hello,
sam1600> My ISP reports that they use BSDI 3.1 but all my apps 
sam1600> including php show BSDI 3.0.

sam1600> I'm concerned that I might have problems with Mysql
sam1600> because of the "threads" issue mentioned in the 
sam1600> manual in section: ( BSD/OS 3.# notes)

sam1600> Mysql appeared to install OK and runs in my tests
sam1600> allthough it restarts itself often.

Could you please read the Manual section:

This contains a lot of suggestions what you can do to find out why
MySQL crashes (it shouldn't)..

sam1600> If there was be a clue ( maybe in the config.cache )
sam1600> in my src files as to a proper install, I'm afraid I
sam1600> erased them :-(

You will probably have to get a new source distribution and configure
this with --with-debug to find the problem.

sam1600> Sorry for this newbie question but in the manual
sam1600> it states " If that is not possible, install
sam1600> BSDIpatch M300-038".  Is this patch is to Mysql or
sam1600> BSDI?  I think it is to BSDI.

Yes, this is a BSDI patch.

sam1600> If My ISP's OS is BSDI 3.0, is there a way to find
sam1600> out if the patch is applied?

On BSDI 3.0 MySQL uses MIT-pthreads and in this case the patch is not

sam1600> And also what would be the problems that I would 
sam1600> experience without 3.1 or the patch?  Is it serious?

Without the patch on BSDI 3.1, mysqld will not start or crash a lot.
If I remember correctly, the thr_alarm or thr_lock tests (in mysys)
didn't work without the patch.

sam1600> Thank you
sam1600> -Sam

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