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From:Benjamin Low Date:November 2 1999 12:26pm
Subject:access control - empty host? (feature request?)
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I have a client machine which does not have a DNS entry. I've added an
entry for the client into mysql.user on the server using the IP address.
The client can connect fine, though the host portion of the USER()
function is blank. i.e. the server log shows

991102 23:01:29  75 Connect    ben@ on mysql

mysql> show processlist;
| Id | User | Host      |  ...
| 69 | ben  | localhost | ...     <- this local connection
| 76 | ben  |           | ...     <- the remote connection

2 rows in set (0.00 sec)

From the wording of the v3.23.5-alpha documentation for the USER()
function "... you can just extract the username part ... which works
whether or not the value includes a hostname part ...", I presume this
is a known "feature"?

Is there any reason why the IP address is not used when the hostname is
not provided / cannot be resolved?

Not having a reliable way of determining the client host makes it more
difficult to monitor access.


 Benjamin Low, BEng (Comp) Hons I
 Communications Unit, University of New South Wales, Australia
 (02) 9385 1138  b.d.low@stripped
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