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From:Andy Davidson Date:November 2 2004 10:15am
Subject:Re: mysql admin clients
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On 1 Nov 2004, at 22:57, leegold wrote:

> newbie question about mysql admin clients. What are some good ones? And
> importantly can they access and allow me to edit the db record fields
> themselves? eg. I see a mis-spelled word in a field - I could go in
> there and edit the field.

I use one called YourSQL on the Macintosh, and I think it's absolutely 
superb.  I use it specifically for the purpose you describe, fixing 
minor blips in the error, where it would not be sensible to write a 
whole admin interface.

In a previous job I used to use one for Windows called MySQL-Front, 
this was very good.  I think Kmysql on Linux has a very similar 

There you go, take your pick depending on the OS you use !

Regards, Andy Davidson

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