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From:Jim Faucette Date:November 1 1999 10:33pm
Subject:Re: A distributed scheme for performance
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felix k sheng wrote:
> I've been trying to think of ways to scale mysql w/out having to scale
> hardware.  That is, in a web environment I may be able to scale my
> frontend httpd's and my backend app servers by simply adding in new
> "low cost" hardware - but my bottleneck has always been the db - it's
> always stuck on one piece of hardware that only scales by making that
> piece bigger.

Before going the distributed DB route, have you tried making your CGIs
resident? With some concepts, like FastCGI, each resident process can
have an open connection to the DB - therefore dramatically reducing O/H.

Also with FastCGI you can have multiple copies of your heaviest used or
time consuming CGIs resident. The first free one gets the request.

Unless you are disk bound I'd suggest looking into adding memory and
resident processes.

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