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From:Stuart Felenstein Date:October 21 2004 7:27pm
Subject:RE: Online Store
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Hope this is not a bad suggestion.  I'd suggest also
"looking" at something like x-cart-gold.  I't s a php
/ mysql product and very robust for online ecommerce. 
If you want some ideas about what an online store
would need and should contain , you might get some
I'm not promoting the product. 

::::getting my flame retardent wear out;;;;;;;;;;

--- SGreen@stripped wrote:

> I heartily agree with Jay. 
> Use paper and pencil to decide what information you
> want to maintain about 
> each of the "objects" (users, customers,
> administrators, credits, debits, 
> products, catalogs, descriptions, carts, cart
> contents, etc.) in your 
> system. When your paper model supports the business
> model you want to 
> have, now you are in a position where you can BEGIN
> the process of 
> database design. 
> In this case I would think that what you need to
> keep in your database 
> will be heavily driven by the needs of the website,
> the billing 
> department, the stock managers, and the sales
> managers.  Basically, you 
> need to make sure that all of the other business
> processes involved with 
> this site have identified every piece of information
> they will need from 
> you in order to do their jobs properly. Until they
> have, you will be 
> working in the dark. 
> Make sure your data consumers (all of those other
> people) "sign off" on 
> what they give you as being complete (I practically
> guarantee that it 
> won't be the first time around. But it's a start!).
> That way you can keep 
> your project creep to a minimum and you will most
> likely avoid a major 
> eleventh-hour rewrite because some other manager
> comes up to you and says, 
> "oh, by the way, where's the XXX data for this
> purchase?" and you didn't 
> have it in your model.
> Pencil and paper are your best friends.
> Shawn Green
> Database Administrator
> Unimin Corporation - Spruce Pine
> "Jay Blanchard"
> <jay.blanchard@stripped> wrote on
> 10/21/2004 
> 01:50:18 PM:
> > [snip]
> > I am writing an online store for my company using
> MySQL, and PHP. I was
> > wondering if anyone could suggest the table
> structure to include. 
> > [/snip]
> > 
> > This is way too open ended for a sane answer.
> There are database
> > structures for as many folks as have designed
> online stores. Have you
> > done a flowchart, UML, or any other plan? This is
> the first place you
> > start looking when trying to decide these things.
> If you haven't, stop
> > now...get out a pencil and paper, and draw it up.
> > 
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