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From:<lakshmi.narasimharao Date:October 19 2004 11:12am
Subject:Sequences and Synomyms
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    I am new to mysql. I want to create sequences in mysql 4.0 which
should be equivalent to oracle sequences. I gone through the mysql
manual, Auto_Increment(), C API mysql_insert_id() and LAST_INSERT_ID()
are there for sequences. Last_insert_id() gives the last value.
I want actual migration to mysql for the following oracle statements

create sequence msdba.msuser_sequence maxvalue 100000000 cycle order;
select msuser_sequence.nextval from dual;
grant all on msuser_sequence to msuser;

Could you please suggest how to do it.

And also I want to create synonym in mysql for the following oracle

create synonym msuser.ms_sequence for msdba.msuser_sequence;

Please help me in this.


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