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From:Gary Richardson Date:October 14 2004 4:40am
Subject:Re: IP address to searchable number
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It's really easy to do. Store the IP addresses as int's and use the
inet_aton and inet_ntoa functions:

You can actually store them as strings and use the inet_* functions in
your between statements as well.

On Wed, 13 Oct 2004 21:33:32 -0700, Scott Haneda <lists@stripped> wrote:
> Given a IP range such as:
> ->
> I want to store those 2 values in a database, before I insert a new value, I
> would like to test for the new values existence.
> Any idea what I should convert a IP address into in order to be able to
> operate on it with simple greater than, less than and equal to math?
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