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From:Dan Date:October 14 2004 1:24am
Subject:ANN: Gtk2::Ex::DBI-0.3
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Hi all.

I'm pleased to announce the 3rd release of Gtk2::Ex::DBI, along with a 
webpage for it ( which has some more basic documentation ):

Gtk2::Ex::DBI is a helper object that makes your gtk2-perl apps data aware.

Basically, you design your GUI with Glade, and write the application 
logic in Perl <>. You then use DBI to open a 
connection to your database server, and use Gtk2::Ex::DBI to keep your 
GUI in sync with your database, and visa versa.

Changes in this release:

- Added DATE-ONLY support for Gnome2::DateEdit ( only tested with 
MySQL's yyyy-mm-dd format ... BEWARE !!! )
- Added 'order by' support
- 'revert' method now deletes the current record from the *in-memory* 
recordset if we are currently inserting a new record
- *** Added dependancy*** : Gtk2::Ex::Dialogs - used instead of my own ( 
admittedly dodgy ) msgbox() function
- Added 'fieldlist' method, which returns a list of fields ( taken from 
the DB server )
- 'apply' and 'paint' methods now use $self->fieldlist which is far more 
robust than looking at the current position's fieldlist ( in some cases 
will only contain the primary key )
- Removed dependance on ''. Moved date_from_GtkCalendar and 
date_to_GtkCalendar functionality back into Gtk2::Ex::DBI ( maybe should 
be another package? ).
- Added ExtUtils::MakeMaker support for installation


ANN: Gtk2::Ex::DBI-0.3Dan14 Oct