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From:John McCaskey Date:October 13 2004 5:43pm
Subject:Re: AW: InnoDB and foreign keys
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If you could post your table schema (SHOW CREATE TABLE table_name) and
then give an example of the query that is slow on InnoDB that would help
us give a better analysis.  Right now it sounds like something is wrong,
InnoDB is likely to be slightly slower than MyISAM because of
transaction overhead and row level locking for simple selects.  But, it
should not be 'very very slow' if MyISAM is 'very very fast' as it
sounds like you are saying.


On Wed, 2004-10-13 at 18:29 +0200, Ulrich Seppi wrote:
> >> does anybody know if Foreign keys increase the performance of select
> querys?
> >> example.
> >> DB1 has only INNODB tables.
> >> DB2 has the same structure as DB1 with all possible foreign keys.
> >>
> > is the same query faster on DB1 or DB2?
> >
> >Why should it increase performance?
> At the moment I have the hole database with MyIsam tables but there is very
> much data on it.
> I have more tables with over 500.000 record and over 100 MB but until now
> all queries are fast.
> The problem is that sometime happens that tables are corrupt and I have to
> REPAIR they.
> (mysql 4.1.5).
> All operations on the corrupt tables until REPAIR will fail and this is a
> big problem because
> more hundred people are working on the database at the same time and then
> much data will be lost.
> Now, I tried on a testdatabase to convert the tables to InnoDB to be more
> stable and to have
> transactions. The result is that all operations (select queries) are verry
> verry slow.
> Not as fast as on MyISAM.
> How could I increase the performance of my InnoDB, now? I hoped that it
> could be done with
> foreign keys but it not seems so...
> does anybody have other ideas for solving the problem?
> thanks...
> Uli
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