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From:Romain Moyne Date:October 13 2004 3:54pm
Subject:mysql dynamic librairie client
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Hello, :)

I have installed the MySQL binary package .tar.gz version 4.1.5.  It  
runs very good. But in this package there isn't dynamic librairie client 
in the directory lib/ which terminated with .so. I have just this:

carotte:/usr/local/mysql/lib# ls
libdbug.a   libmysql.imp      libmysqlclient_r.a  libmystrings.a
libmygcc.a  libmysqlclient.a  libmysqld.a         libmysys.a

But I must have the dynamic librairie client because courier-imap don't 
see .a librairie.

How can I get a dynamic librairie client which run on my system? (I have 
debian on a x86 architecture with a AMD proc)

Thanks you, Romain

Sorry for my bad english :(                          
mysql dynamic librairie clientRomain Moyne13 Oct
  • Re: mysql dynamic librairie clientEric Bergen14 Oct