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From:Eric Bergen Date:October 12 2004 8:03pm
Subject:Re: Data store over NFS with multiple READERS
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It means totally read only. File locking in general is sketchy at
best. Over NFS it's a train wreck.


On Tue, 12 Oct 2004 11:03:06 -0700, Steve Francis
<sfrancis@stripped> wrote:
> I'd like to have the data store on a netapp NFS server.
> One writer mysql machine, with external-locking, and one (or more)
> machines that do read only queries.
> Will the read-only machines get consistent data from their queries?
> The docs say only " Make it easy for yourself: Forget about sharing a
> data directory among servers over NFS. "
> The only reference to this I could find on the archives is "
> There is a document on the mysql web site that cleary states that unless this
> is a read only database, this is going to give you a lot of problems.."
> I could not find that document. I was unclear if the above post meant
> the db had to be totally read only, or just read only from all the other
> machines except the writer....
> Thanks
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