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From:Kenneth Lim Date:October 12 2004 5:33pm
Subject:Replication and LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE
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Hi -

I'm seeing these error/warning messages on my replication slave:

  [ERROR] Slave: load data infile on table 'DeviceItem' at log position
38844696 in log 'db1-bin.000001' produced 6 warning(s).  Default database:

I was wondering if anyone has seen similar messages.
I have master-slave replication setup on 2 Linux boxes running
MySQL 4.1.5-gamma.  On a Windows client, I execute a script that
contains a bunch of LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE statements.

The master error log does not complain.  But the slave error log
has the error/warning messages above.  The data seems to be the
same on master and slave.

Are there special considerations for using LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE
statements with a replication setup?


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Replication and LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILEKenneth Lim12 Oct
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