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From:Dan Nelson Date:October 6 2004 3:09am
Subject:Re: Memory problems
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In the last episode (Oct 05), Doug Wolfgram said:
> At 07:35 PM 10/5/2004, you wrote:
> >In the last episode (Oct 05), Doug Wolfgram said:
> >> When I run top after my server has been running for a few days,
> >> Mysql is using 60 or 70MB of memory. When I restart mysql, it goes
> >> back to 3000. Any idea where I should start to look for a problem?
> >> What causes this?
> >
> >What are your mysql memory settings?  70MB may be low for all we
> >know. It's definitely low for my machines :) And what units are
> >"3000" in? KB can't be right, since mysql will always take more than
> >3MB of memory.  Important settings include:
> When I first start mysql, RSS and Size are 3033.  That's K. (for each
> process)
> I am talking about process use, not total memory use. Each process
> that shows in top is what I'm referring to. Does that make more
> sense?

Since you mention multiple processes, you must be using Linux, which
implements threads by forking separate processes with shared address
space.  If you have 50 processes each with 20MB rss, it's still only
using 20MB of memory.

You probably should read the MySQL manual chapter titled "How MySQL
uses memory" to learn which variables affect memory usage:

	Dan Nelson
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