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From:Morten Pedersen Date:September 29 2004 9:36am
Subject:newbie installation question
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sorry for spamming the list with this, i tried asking on the forums, but didn't receive a
reply. i'm a complete newbie to mysql/php, but have programmed professionally (in
C/C++/ASM) for about 9 years now.

i originally installed mysql into C:/Program Files/mysql, before deleting and reinstalling
in the default subdirectory, which meant some paths in the registry had been setup
incorrectly. i changed these manually (2 of them located), and this fixed a few issues.

however after reinstalling, when i do a mysqlshow, it shows only "test" in the list of
available databases, and nothing i seem to change makes a difference. i edited the my.ini
to the base+base/data directories, but that didn't change anything. i even tried changing
the paths in my.ini to invalid paths, and that didn't change anything either (it still
located test, and test only).

i searched for a test subdirectory elsewhere on my hard drive, but failed to locate one. i
then created a new database, which it did in the correct subdirectory, so since it seems
to be writing to the correct subdirectory, why on earth doesn't it read from the directory
as well?

i have administrator access to the machine.

any help is much appreciated, cheers.

newbie installation questionMorten Pedersen29 Sep
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