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From:Ed Lazor Date:September 28 2004 4:55pm
Subject:RE: Images
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> I have heard also that it helps to keep the table with the blobs having a
> low number of fields.  Like just a primary key and the blob field.  Have
> all your other metadata in a seperate table.  Especially if you are going
> to be occasionally doing queries of just the metadata and don't want to
> always retrieve the image.  Comments?

I agree.  That's the approach I used.  Data on products are stored in a
products table, while images are stored in a table called images.  The
images table has the following fields: ID, ProductID, SizeID, Image.  There
are 4 images of different resolutions for each product.  The SizeID is used
to tell which resolution is being requested.  For example:

Select Image from images where ProductID='8443' AND SizeID='1'

ProductID is an int.  SizeID is a small int.  The Image field is largeblob,
because some images are as large as 300k.  However, images are generally
15k, 45k, 90k, and 180k, so perhaps largeblob is causing a performance loss?

I also plan on using caching tools, so maybe performance tuning on the
backend isn't as significant?  What do you think?


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